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JAMAICA: March 12–13, 2020

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Web Developer • @Mozilla Tech speaker • Lecturer
Universidad del Táchira, Venezuela

Your browser is your best friend for JS development

Topics: Javascript, Browser, JS
I’ll share my story on how I discovered that my browser was my best friend for JS development. It’s a free, powerful and is installed everywhere tool that you can exploit it to improve your workflow and save time!

Discover how to take your JS development to next level!
Browsers nowadays include great DevTools for writing JS code and see the execution results and how it affects the page on real-time. This talk will give you an introduction on how you can exploit your browser to take your JS development to next level by saving you time by seeing your results on real time. Also it will show great tools like browser’s JS editor, JS Debugger to debug your application and also understand what’s going inside in your browser (you can even debug other third party browsers and other devices). Audience will also learn how to improve the performance of your current apps and do awesome JS apps by using the Memory tool to find which parts of the code are spending RAM space, Profile your app and see how it uses the browsers capabilities and see any bottlenecks, Repaint to see how it spends time to repaint layout changes and many more!

Finally check out how you can make your browser do more things by installing additional addons!
About the Speaker
Miguel is a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Representative who loves to evangelise about the latest and newest open web technologies to make a better web. He’s been doing web development for almost 2 decades and has been volunteering in many open source communities as a coder, translator, writing about web technologies in his blog and as a speaker at events. He currently works as an Operating Systems and Programming professor at Universidad del Táchira, Venezuela. From there, he tries to promote open technologies among students and local professionals by organising tech events and local meetups.

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