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JAMAICA: March 12–13, 2020

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Kimberley Marriott-Blake
HUMAN Factors • Technology Adoption
Jamaica Association for the Deaf

Gen XYZ & Technology Adoption Strategies

Topics: Technology Adoption • Generational Shift
We'll explore the challenges of navigating generational shifts within organizations. When an organization interfaces with different generations (Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers), how does this affect the design of technology adoption strategies?
In 2020, most medium to large organizations are "generationally diverse". The workforce ranges from Generation Z, just getting into their careers to Baby Boomers who are retired or preparing for retirement. This is, in many senses, a transitional period, for the first time there are more persons in the workforce who have grown up with digital technology than those who have not. It is import to understand how different technological experiences affect attitudes to technological change. This talk will explore the challenges of technology adoption and generational shifts faced within a specific organisation and some of the strategies being applied to help to ensure the effective adoption and use of technology in the workplace.
About the Speaker
Kimberley Sherlock Marriott-Blake is an international development professional with a passion for nation building that is efficient, effective and data driven. She has been a self-proclaimed 'tech-tinker' since childhood, who now as Executive Director of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf, believes in the power of technology to improve organisation capacity for project management, strategic planning, and multi-sectoral development.

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