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JAMAICA: March 12–13, 2020

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WebCraftConf 2020 Conference Recordings

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WebCraftConf is a technology conference held in Kingston, Jamaica. It provides an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who work with web technologies. Our talks and workshops focus on actionable and practical topics that affect software teams.

Session 1 • Thursday
March 12, 2020
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Your browser is your best friend for JS development

Topics: Javascript, Browser, JS
Presenter: Miguel Useche
I’ll share my story on how I discovered that my browser was my best friend for JS development. It’s a free, powerful and is installed everywhere tool that you can exploit it to improve your workflow and save time!

Discover how to take your JS development to next level!

Be nice, help the person who hacks your servers to get your data (Seatec Astronomy)

Topics: Security, Secrets Management
Presenter: Srdjan Vranac
Where are your credentials and secrets stored? In .env files or in environment variables, or even worse in config files? Are your primary AWS keys shared amongst developers? Do you still have SSH keys from former employees on your servers?

Interaction Design the Superhero of UX!

Topics: UX Design
Presenter: Brittney Samuels
When users can’t achieve their goals, thus tossed into a world of poor UX, Interaction Design will rise to save the day! Transforming inadequate applications to applications users can actually operate. Come take a front row seat and watch Interaction Design save your UX and boost company revenues.
Session 2 • Friday
March 13, 2020
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Demystifying visual testing with WebDriverIO & Percy.io

Topics: Software Testing, JavaScript, WebDriverIO, Visual Testing, Continuous Integration
Presenter: Orandi Harris
The new world of testing is automated visual testing but leveraging this technique isn’t as straight forward as one would think. Learn how the WebDriverIO framework supercharged with Percy.io makes the transition into automated visual testing easier and smoother.

Docker and Robotframework

Topics: Docker, Test Automation, UAT testing
Presenter: Oshane Bailey
Learn how to use containers to drive your software development workflow. Take advantage of the Python-based Robotframework to automate User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Gen XYZ & Technology Adoption Strategies

Topics: Technology Adoption • Generational Shift
We'll explore the challenges of navigating generational shifts within organizations. When an organization interfaces with different generations (Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X and Baby Boomers), how does this affect the design of technology adoption strategies?