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JAMAICA: March 12–13, 2020

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Brittney Samuels
User Experience

Interaction Design the Superhero of UX!

Topics: UX Design
When users can’t achieve their goals, thus tossed into a world of poor UX, Interaction Design will rise to save the day! Transforming inadequate applications to applications users can actually operate. Come take a front row seat and watch Interaction Design save your UX and boost company revenues.
One of the oldest children of User Experience is Interaction Design, dating back to the 1980’s. If you think about it, it goes back even further when man first interacted with fire. Interaction Design is the relationship between people and products. The goal is to create meaningful products that help users effectively achieve their goals. As the world shifts its focus from creating applications that work to user centric experiences, companies are paying more attention to User Experience (UX). Their aim? simply to create more meaningful customer relationships and in turn increase profits in an increasingly competitive environment.“Experience is critical, for it determines how fondly people remember their interactions.” ― Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things.We will jump from behind the screen and dive into the users minds to find the answers to how can we create better experiences with Interaction Design. How can Interaction Design create meaningful relationships that keep users constantly revisiting your applications and websites? What costs are Jamaican Companies suffering from a lack of investment in Interaction Design? How an investment in Interaction Design can Increase a company’s profits? and how can we apply the principles and laws that govern Interaction Design?
About the Speaker
Brittney Samuels is a young UI/UX professional, who currently works on the Web Development Team at The University of the West Indies, Mona. She has developed the University’s First Design System and is currently perusing a masters in Management of Information Systems. Not to mention she has a deep profound love for design and pizza.

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