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JAMAICA: March 12–13, 2020

Nicola Rushton
Product Designer and Design Consultant

Don't Research Alone: Why Including The Whole Team in Research Creates Better Products

Topics: User Experience, User Research, Design, Software Craftsmanship
Making products people love means making great decisions on behalf of your users… every single day. And it’s not just designers who make decisions for users. It’s everyone on your team. Talking to users builds empathy, and means you can make great decisions on their behalf. When everyone in the team knows your users well enough to make good decisions for them, you get amazing products!
Nicola is a product designer and design consultant who loves working with enterprises, startups and government. An alumni of Pivotal Labs, she’s passionate about Lean UX, dual-track agile, and the benefits of regular user research. She is also a vocal advocate for honest communication within teams and reflective practises and is a cofounder of the retro tool Postfacto.


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